BRAEDEN OFFERS CALIBRATION SERVICES FOR ALL TYPES OF GAUGES AND SENSORS FOR ALL INDUSTRIES.INDUSTRIES SERVED ► Oil & Gas• On/ Offshore Domestic• On/ Offshore International ► Refineries ► Pipelines ► Shipping ► Government ► Food and Beverage CALIBRATION SERVICES AVAILABLE ►Pressure Transducers ►Pressure Gauges ►Digital Pressure Gauges ►Chart Recorders ►Gauge Pressure ►Compound Pressure ►Absolute Pressure ►Differential Pressure TESTING SERVICES AVAILABLE ►Pressure Switch Testing ►Safety Relief Valve Testing ►Pressure Regulator Testing ►Hydraulic Leak Testing CUSTOMER CALIBRATION RECORDS EASILY ACCESSED THROUGH CLOUD BASED STORAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD 24/7NIST TRACEABILITYALL TESTING CONFORMS TO NIST STANDARDSCALIBRATION SERVICESBRAEDEN OFFERS CALIBRATIONUP TO 40,000 PSIMEASUREMENT CAPABILITIES ► Pressure• 0-40,000 psi• 0-2,758 bar• Up To 0.02% FS Accuracy >20,000 psi (1,400 bar)► Current• 4-20 mA• 0-20 mA• Range: +/-30mA• HART• Measure mA with 0.02%RD + 0.9 μA accuracy ► Voltage• 0-10 V• 0-5 V• mV/V• Range: +/-30VDC• Measure V with 0.02%RD + 0.9 mV accuracy► Advanced Temperature Compensation WHERE DO WE CALIBRATE ►In house – braeden locations• Houston, Texas• Lafayette, Louisiana ► Field service – on-site location• Domestic• International