PLC and HMI Programming

At the heart of the Process Control System (PCS) is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC is the most vital component in every controls and monitoring system. Poor choice in PLC selection and/or programming can be the difference between smooth and efficient operations or constant headaches in troubleshooting and debugging. It can also drain a projects budget. Our team provides expert assistance in selecting the most cost effective PLC and necessary Remote I/O so that our clients don’t needlessly blow their budget. We also provide expert programming so that the client spends more time focused on growing their business than troubleshooting glitches.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) has come a long way from being a simple monitor on the wall or panel door. HMI’s give Operators the ability to monitor and interact with the Controls System. But not all HMI’s are created equal, and they are surely not one size fits all. The software platform for your HMI’s are determined by your system’s needs. At braeden we provide custom programming to allow the HMI to be seamlessly integrated into the controls process. We understand that your Operators are probably not Controls Engineers, and that complicated programs will hinder the efficiency of the controls system rather than assist your Operators in effectively performing their jobs. We will also assist our client in determining the best device based on location, integration, and communication needs.