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Navigating the process for obtaining the necessary Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C.) required for your product or system can be a complex, time consuming task. Depending on your target location for sale or operation, there are multiple governing bodies with differing regulations that have to be followed. Our team has extensive experience with ATEX, IECEx, EN,ANSI and ISA regulations and the verification process required by each. Allow our experts to guide you through the process of getting the necessary testing for your designs and final product to receive the required Mark and/or C.O.C.


Safety Integrity Level (SIL) testing for any Functional Safety applications has become a daunting task in many industries. The regulations are vast and complex, not to mention different depending on which Regulatory body governs the country of operation. At braeden, we employ certified engineers with backgrounds in ANSI/ISA, IEC and EN. Our engineers will assist your team with Risk Matrix and/or LOPA development to achieve the required PFD/PFH and RRF necessary for SIL assignment for your company’s device or systems.


Successful Project Management is vital to a company’s growth and expansion. It can be the determining factor in whether a business plan succeeds or fails. Not all businesses are equipped to handle the management and implementation of a proposed project in house because without the proper knowledge and experience, your company’s key resources, finances and personnel, can be perilously overtaxed. braeden's team of highly qualified professionals has wide-ranging experience in delivering on-time and on-budget solutions for our customers. We handle everything from performing initial Gap Analyses to creating P&ID’s and BOM’s, Design and Product Certification, as well as, all the details in between that tend to bog a project down. We will work seamlessly with your team to ensure your business experiences minimal impact during the process to allow your team to focus on what they do best, taking care of customers.