Gap Analysis DNV-OS-E101 from 2009 to 2013

DNV-OS-E101 is the Drill Plant Specification for DNV verified and approved drilling systems for MODU’s (Mobile Offshore Drilling Units).  Braeden Engineering was hired to perform a gap analysis compliance requirement differences from the E101 2009 to the E101 2013 version on some National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Blow Out Preventer equipment.

The equipment being examined are NOV’s 15k PSI BOP Stack Triple Ram Assembly, the Fixed Diverter System, and the Marine Riser.  Also being examined are the  associated Control System for Diverter and BOP stack operations. This BOP stack is designed for either surface or subsea (up to 490ft) operations.  Braeden studied the changes in the versions of E101 2009 to E101 2013 and is currently performing analysis and data gathering to determine the resources needed and overall investment required to upgrade the systems to be E101 2013 compliant.