Integrated Software Dependent System to standard DNV-OS-D203

braeden has been hired to assist the software development team for National Oilwell Varco’s Pressure Control Group, or NOV PCG, to navigate the certification process for DNV-OS-D203 compliance.  The purpose of DNV-OS-D203 is to set the standard for complete Integrated Software Dependent Systems, or ISDS.  This standard encompasses every phase of design, testing, implementation, and lifetime maintenance and upgrades.

Braeden is assisting with developing the many phases of the Testing and Implementation processes which must be reviewed and verified by DNV to achieve certification. Our Engineers are helping the NOV PCG Team with the Software Development and the creation of workflow designs for the system’s Basic Design testing and Advanced Functional testing once built. We are helping to devise the Strategy for Implementation once the design has been verified, as well as, strategies for component maintenance after implementation, and component upgrades that will be required throughout the system’s life-cycle to remain compliant. These are just some of the methods that must be demonstrated and verified to obtain the DNV-OS-D203 compliance.